Objects To Treasure in Barnsley

12th October 2017

Every Thursday we’ll be sharing an object to treasure in Barnsley. Keep up to date on our Facebook page.

7th December

This oil on canvas is called ‘The Beggar Girls’ by Pierre Auguste Cot (1837-1883). Cot studied in Toulouse then based himself in Paris. His classical style was popular and he became a great success in Europe and America. The piece is now part of the Cooper Gallery Trustees collection.

30th November

This cabinet dates back to 1685. It has a body made from deal and drawers made from oak, with a cocus wood veneer sometimes called Jamaica ebony. It is part of Cannon Hall Museum’s collection.

23rd November

This Egyptian Design tin is one of dozens of colourful and characterful tins from the Canister Company in Barnsley’s collections. It is part of the collection at Experience Barnsley Museum.

16th November 

This sketch, by world famous artist Joseph Mallord William Turner, is known as ‘A View of Old Bregenz, Austria’. It is part of the Cooper Gallery Trustees collection.

9th November

This vase is from the late 19th century and was made by French glass artist Emile Gallé. He was one of the major figures in the French Art Nouveau movement. It is now part of the Cannon Hall Museum collection.

2nd November

This Bronze Roman bracelet is from the 2nd to 3rd century AD.  An archaeological find from Billingley and one of several pieces of evidence of Roman life in Barnsley. It is now part of the collection at Experience Barnsley Museum.

26th October 

This oil painting called ‘Hurricane before St Malo’ is by Eugène Louis Gabriel Isabey (1803-1886).

The large and dramatic painting is one of several by Isabey collected by Samuel Joshua Cooper of Barnsley. It is now part of the Cooper Gallery Trustees’ collection.

19th October

This vase was made by Joe Juster for William de Morgan, c.1890.  It’s an example of work from the Arts and Crafts period, an influential movement advocating the quality of art, design and life in the face of mass industrialisation.

This piece has come from the V&A and is now part of the collection at Cannon Hall Museum.

12th October

The first in our  Objects To Treasure series. The Death Penny from the First World War can be found in the Experience Barnsley: Museum & Discovery Centre collection.

Private Harry Sargeant from Barnsley died in action in France in May 1917. He was 26 years old and worked at Rylands before the war.